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For cellist Marcin Zdunik

‘Gravity’, scored for solo cello and piano, explores the forces of attraction and centricity that govern the foundations of both music and the laws of the physical universe. In this short, four minute piece, the cello and piano are cast as two orbiting spheres. Through notions of symmetry and recurrence, these ‘spheres’ rotate around various points of centricity: a pedal note, a tonal point of stability, a structural point of reflection, or, at times, each other. It is a rumination upon centripetal and centrifugal forces, and also a questioning of what constitutes a point of ‘centricity’ within music.

The piece was commissioned for the King’s Lyn Festival, 2018, performed by cellist Marcin Zdunik and accompanied by Jâms Coleman.

It was also recently performed in the St John's College May Concert 2021.


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